The Ski Otter Stepping Stones Program (Learn to Ski)


The Ski Otter Stepping Stones is a series of ski clinics that run on several Saturdays and three day periods throughout the summer.  The Stepping Stones program will become a requirement for members with young ones who want to teach their kids how to ski and join the Jr. Team.  New, young skiers will need to 'graduate' from the Stepping Stones program before they can move on to the Jr. Team and Sunday shows.  These members, will not pay Ski Otter memberships, and will not be involved with the show team.  This program is merely a "stepping stone" to help get young ones ready for the shows (if that is their goal), in addition to offering families an opportunity to teach their kids how to ski, without the commitment of joining a show team and signing up for job duties, fundraisers, etc. 

All ages and levels are welcome!  We will allow a maximum of five participants per session so there is ample water time for each person.  We will try to group sessions by age/ability and offer specialized barefoot and/or wakeboard sessions as needed.

All registration is based on a first come, first served basis. If a class is full - we will notify you immediately.

Check Availability and Sign Up Here

In addition to the cost per session, you must make a one-time (annual) purchase of USA Waterski insurance (Grassroots coverage) for $35.  Go to to purchase insurance.  Proof of Grassroots coverage will need to be submitted prior to session or participant will not be allowed to ski.


For more Information please contact us: E-Mail - Stepping Stones