USA Waterski

USA Waterski



What is USA Waterski?

Like USA Swimming is for swimming, USA Water Ski is THE organization for water skiing and wakeboarding in the United States. The United States Olympic Committee recognizes us in that role. We actually consist of nine groups representing all types of activity on water: slalom, tricks and jumping whether on skis, kneeboards (well, no jump) or bare feet; team skiing for your college, show skiing in front of crowds big and small; ski racing (talk about speed!); hydrofoiling, the latest craze; wakeboarding, snowboarding’s exciting equivalent; and skiing for the physically handicapped, even jumping. Yes, we have it all.

Your Membership is Required!

While you are a member of the Midwest Ski Otters, you will also need to be a member of USA Waterski if you plan on skiing or just being on the dock. This organization provides insurance and other services to our team and the only way it works and we are all safe, is if you become a member here too.

Information You May Need

Federation: USA
Sports Discipline: NSS - National Show Ski Association
Club: Midwest Ski Otters


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