• ‌ How to join:

    All ages and all abilities are welcome. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions and for more information email us at [email protected].

  • ‌ Jr Development Team:

    Our youngest members and newer skiers participate and grow as part of our Jr. Development Team. They practice one night/week and focus on waterskiing basics and show skiing basics. All Jr members are part of our opening shows on Sundays.

  • ‌ Sr Development Team:

    Our older teens and adults who are not new to water skiing, but new to show skiing have a special practice night dedicated just to them. Our goal is to mentor and train them to learn the skills necessary to be part of the theme show.

  • ‌ Sr Team:

    Our most seasoned show skiers are part of what we call the “Sr. Team” – it is senior in skill (open to all ages). This is the group that performs the theme show and practices 1-2 times/week.

Membership FAQs

When are shows?2023-03-09T03:41:11+00:00

The shows are every Sunday at 6pm with some exceptions (see our Schedule for details).

When are practices?2024-03-07T18:38:40+00:00

The team practices one-two times per week. We ask that members try to make at least one of the weekly practices. How often you practice is up to you, but we feel it is important to note you will get out of the team what you put into it.

What is and why do I need USA WaterSki Insurance?2024-03-07T18:32:50+00:00

USA WaterSki is our governing body.  All of our events, shows, and practices are sanctioned through their organization.  Thus, all participants are required to have USA WaterSki insurance in order for the team to be in compliance.


What does my membership get me?2023-03-06T21:56:48+00:00

Your membership gets you a lot of water time, excellent training, opportunities to get individualized expert training, and a chance to learn and try a lot of disciplines of the sport where all equipment, boats, and a lake are provided. Most importantly, the chance to work with a diverse team and be a part of something spectacular.

How much is a membership?2024-03-07T18:27:02+00:00

We have different memberships types available and prices vary accordingly. There is also an insurance fee (USA WaterSki Insurance)
For specific questions regarding membership & insurance, send an email to [email protected]

What type of training is offered?2023-03-06T21:57:48+00:00

There are several ‘experts’ and ‘ex-professional’ water skiers on the team. There is always someone available to instruct from the basics to the most difficult maneuvers. In addition, the team offers several ski clinics throughout the summer to its team members (Barefoot, Wakeboard, Jump, and Swivel) where we often fly in expert instructors for special, individualized training.

How much ski time will I get?2023-03-06T21:58:39+00:00

We practice one-two times per week, in addition to our weekly shows. In addition, we do have some free ski opportunities throughout the summer. If you are willing, you will get wet several times each practice you attend. We emphasize that you will get out of the team what you put into it.

Do we need to have a boat?2023-03-06T21:59:22+00:00

No. The club has four boats and at least two of them will be available for most practices.

What equipment will I need to provide?2023-03-09T03:43:10+00:00

You need a swimsuit and a life vest (wetsuits are optional)

We practice and have shows in cool, windy weather as well as hot and sunny. In addition to wetsuits, another option for warmth is a heater shirt, which is typically a .5 mm or 2 mm shirt designed for warmth.

For older boys, or anyone interested in jumping, purchasing a jump suit is an alternative to a wetsuit. Female skiers tend to wear shorts and/or leggings over their swimsuits during practice. Most skiers own their own show ski life vest (not USCG certified).

Male skiers in the main show tend to wear a jump suit which serves as flotation (not USCG certified). For the development team, younger boys wear regular life vests.

The team provides skis, ropes and boats. We provide some specialty equipment for learning purposes (wakeboards, trick skis, jumpers, swivel ski), but when someone wants to improve at these skills, they should purchase this equipment on their own.

Is there an age requirement?2023-03-06T22:01:31+00:00

All ages are welcome. We have a Jr. Team that is designed to train those 16 and under and a Development team that is designed to work with our older teens/adults that are new to show skiing. However, if you are under the age of 13, a parent is required to be involved (see Jr. Team FAQ). You are never too old to join – we welcome experience and wisdom.

What skill level is required?2024-03-07T18:33:49+00:00

For our adult members there is no skill requirement to join the team. For our junior members we require you to know how to two ski. We offer learn to ski lessons through our Stepping Stones program. Most of our junior team started with Stepping Stones before joining the team! More information about Stepping Stones can be found here

Junior Team FAQs

Other than being responsible for my child(ren) – What other expectation are there for parents?2023-03-06T22:02:29+00:00

Because our Jr. members are our youngest and smallest assets, they are unable to help with a lot of the work involved in putting on a ski show and practices. Therefore, we look to their parents to help with some of the tasks that are required to put on our shows and practices. The Jr. Team is also responsible for putting together and organizing one fundraiser each year. In the past, this has been volunteering to work a shift at our Culver’s fundraiser.

When will my child be in the theme shows?2024-03-07T18:44:31+00:00

This year we are working towards having more junior involvement in the weekly main show. There will be many opportunities for stage acts where we need young enthusiasm. Beyond that we are also looking to add more junior skiers to the big show in various ways.

What can I do to help out on the team?2023-03-06T22:07:34+00:00

We are always looking for help with fundraisers, getting ads for our program, distributing our posters, and any of the behind-the-scenes jobs listed above. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering your time. Donations are accepted at any time here.

What should I do at practices / shows?2024-03-07T18:46:34+00:00

First and foremost, remember it is your job to keep your eye on your child.  This includes ensuring safety on and off the water.  Coaches are focused on ski instruction and helping the flow of the show/practice.  Join other parents along the shore and get to know the team (bring a lawn chair)…we have so many great families!  We are always looking for additional help as well…reach out if you are willing to assist with the many tasks it takes to put together a ski show.  From rolling ropes, boat riding/driving, concessions stand and more…there’s an opportunity for everyone to get involved!  We also love parent skiers, so consider joining the team as well…we’ll teach you!  Please note, unless you are a team member and insured through USA Waterski, we need to ask that you remain off the dock.

Can my kid’s carpool with others on the team?2023-03-06T22:11:41+00:00

Yes. As long as there is a parent there who is responsible for watching your child, you need not be present, but please let the coaches know so they are aware you are not “dropping-and-dashing”.

What do I need to know as a parent attending practice or shows?2023-03-06T22:12:18+00:00

You need to stay off the dock and let the coaches do their job. You can help out by encouraging your child and making sure they are helping. If you are willing to help out, please let us know and we will utilize you where we can.

Why does the parent need to be present at practices / shows?2023-03-06T22:13:21+00:00

There are many kids on our Jr. Development team and the coaches’ job is to get kids/acts on the water and keep things moving. They do not have the ability to watch your child while doing their job. Because they are around water, we want to make sure that someone is responsible for them. Parents are needed to assure their children show responsible behavior around the docks and boats. In addition, we believe water skiing is a family sport and we hope that the parents will get involved with the team as well.

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