You need a swimsuit and a life vest (wetsuits are optional)

We practice and have shows in cool, windy weather as well as hot and sunny. In addition to wetsuits, another option for warmth is a heater shirt, which is typically a .5 mm or 2 mm shirt designed for warmth.

For older boys, or anyone interested in jumping, purchasing a jump suit is an alternative to a wetsuit. Female skiers tend to wear shorts and/or leggings over their swimsuits during practice. Most skiers own their own show ski life vest (not USCG certified).

Male skiers in the main show tend to wear a jump suit which serves as flotation (not USCG certified). For the development team, younger boys wear regular life vests.

The team provides skis, ropes and boats. We provide some specialty equipment for learning purposes (wakeboards, trick skis, jumpers, swivel ski), but when someone wants to improve at these skills, they should purchase this equipment on their own.